My name is Tim Gourley and I write fiction. I don’t pretend to be the best, but you can’t improve if you don’t write. So this is my attempt at some regular, crazy, off-the-wall, disjoint, manic, genre-bending, cognitively dissonant, non sequitur-ridden, funny, awkward, lame, connected, disconnected, blasé, inspired, insipid, wonderful fiction for you to enjoy.

Some of the writings you’ll find here are the result of responding to writing prompts found throughout the web. Some are just random bits of weirdness that may or may not be connected to previous entries. Some are dumb limericks that I find amusing and you may or may not.

If anything, I hope it inspires you to write more.

Hone the craft.

Sharpen the blades of language.

Pass the time with expanding the mind.

Carpe adiectivum.