Welcome to night.coffee

Welcome to night.coffee

Posted on 12 Nov 2019 In Meta

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Welcome to night.coffee! I have a lot of fiction to share with the world. Join me as I work on expanding my writing skills, honing the artform and growing my skillset.

I can’t promise you perfection as it would be daft for an amateur to write on the level of the masters from the start. I can promise you that I will be having fun, and hopefully spreading that fun and inspiration to you all.

What can you expect to read? I’ll be posting my responses to writing prompts found throughout the web, as well as one-shots, poems, and other random bits of fiction. Some of the posts will connect to a larger story, most of them won’t. Continuity will be tenuous, errors and mistakes will exist aplenty, and fun will be had.

I can promise you is that this will be real. This will be raw. This will be a ride. I hope you join me, and I hope it inspires you to write for yourself.

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